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“The photography of Miserini, in fact, shall be read in prustian key, or, rather, as tacit emotions of inner mood of soul, impressions more than expressions, atmosphere more than events. The absence of the advertising, the proclamations, the manifestations are the qualities of an artist who pursues the ideal hesitant unconscious, barely rippling in troubles and anxieties of life…”

Daniele Radini Tedeschi, art critic, professor of Art History, curator for “Art Nude“ exhibition catalog in
Pentart Gallery (Rome)


Paolo Miserini was born in Rome in 1963. Professional programmer, Photographer, Video-artist, Teacher of Photography, Member of Officine Fotografiche (Rome). Paolo Miserini pictures are published in university books, books on art photography, magazines. He is an academician of the Academy of Modern Art of San Lazzaro (Rome), laureate of several art premiums, biennale, winner of art awards and competitions. He participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe and Italy.

Paolo Miserini is eclectic photographer whose passions embrace fine art nude, glamour, fashion, events and portraiture with excursions in reportage. His pictures are a mix of graphic realism with classical sensibility.

Paolo Miserini was born in Italy and this gave him an academic background that allows  to get images sometimes laconic, balanced, but at the same time, containing a brief artistic message.

His artistic career began at age 20 when when he started to shoot underwater pictures. Since 2000 he has pushed himself into professional photography career, started teaching photography with Officine Fotografiche and working as interior, fashion, events and glamour photographer. He also conducts Masterclasses in Fine Art Photography, Portrait and Fashion Photography in Rome.

Paolo Miserini images are often minimalistic but well, no frills or constraints, in the constant search for the meaning of subliminal. Images are free to be interpreted by the observer, to been joyed, experienced and heard. He likes to imagine that all the senses are stimulated by their observer.

Paolo uses professional digital equipment and all what is required to control and create the light and use it expressively. He is able  to organize a team for the more complex shooting.

Paolo Miserini works in Rome (Italy) and Russia (Gelendzhik, Black Sea cost), as well as on other locations all around the globe.

Teacher of Photography and owner of ICL School of Languages, Photography and Design (Russia, Gelendzhik)



«Фотографии Мизерини, на самом деле, должны быть прочитаны в ключе эстетики Марселя Пруста, как молчаливые тонкие эмоции внутреннего настроения души, впечатления более атмосферы, чем событий. Отсутствие рекламы, прокламаций являются качествами художника, который преследует идеальное внутреннее бессознательное, еле дрожащее в водовороте бед и житейских забот …»

Даниэле Радини Тедешки, искусствовед, профессор истории искусств (Рим)


Паоло Мизерини родился в Риме в 1963. Профессиональный программист, фотограф. Его карьера началась в 20 лет с подводной фотографии. Эта увлечение привело его к его первой публикации в журнале “Acqua” в 1987 году. С 2000 со встречи со школой “Officine Fotografiche” он начал карьеру как учитель фотографии. В течение 20 лет в дополнение к обучению он открыл новые горизонты в фотографии, включая репортаж и артфотографию. В 2008 им был реализован благотворительный проект «Улыбки Нора Харберда», в котором принимали участие дети двух детских домов Армении. Фотографии проекта были выставлены на персональных выставках в Италии и средства, заработанные от продажи работ были отправлены в Армению для восстановления театра в детском доме и помощи детям. Работы Паоло Мизерни опубликованы в нескольких книгах по арт-фотографии в Италии, он сотрудничает со многими журналами Европы и Италии, участник многочисленных выставок в России и Европе. Соучредитель школы иностранных языков, дизайна и фотографии “Айсиэль” (Геленджик).





2019 “Soliaris”, Central Exhibition Hall, Gelendzhik; 2019 “Symbol.ru”, Central Exhibition Hall, Gelendzhik; 2018 “Seaside”, Gelendzhik State Museum, Gelendzhik, Russia; 2017 “Uomo Aeterno. Byzantium”, gallery IN, Novorossiysk; 2017 5th Biennale of Contemporary Art, Novorossiysk, 2017 “Uomo Aeterno. Byzantium”, Central Exhibition Hall, Gelendzhik, Russia; 2015 “Uomo Aeterno Project”, Central Exhibition Hall, Gelendzhik, Russia; 2015 4th Biennale of Contemporary Art, Novorossiysk, Russia; 2014 “Street Artists”, Renessance Gallery, Kempinski Grand Hotel, Gelendzhik, Russia; 2014 ‘Lost Souls’, Art Gallery IN, Novorossirsk, Russia; 2013 ‘Lost Soul’, Personal Exibition, Center Exibition Hall, Gelendhzik, Russia;2012 ‘Uomo introspettivo’, Museum of Modern Art, Krasnodar (Russian Federation);2012 ‘Caucasus Morpheus’, Centro di lingua e cultura Russa, Rome – Italy;2011 ‘Caucasus Morpheus’, “Officine Fotografiche”, Rome – Italy; 2011 Charity Exhibition for Orphanage Construction in Pechatniki, “Ardena Gallery”, Moscow; 2011 Triennale di Roma “Accademia Agostiniana”, Roma (October 5-13);2011 Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea “Il Saloon di Porto Cervo”, Porto Cervo (July 1-15);2011 ‘I Gesti e i moti dell’animo’ , Group Exibition, Domus Talenti, Roma (April – May 27-3); 2011 ‘Tradizione e Innovazione’ , Group Exibition, Degli ZIngari Gallery, Roma (March 19-25); 2011 ‘Architecture’ , Group Exibition, Espacio Artistico Estudio Nomada, Barcelona (February 5-15);2011 Art Prize ‘Premio della Lupa’ , First Prize in Photography, Sheraton Hotel, Rome; 2010 ‘I Segreti della Natura’,Il Leone Gallery, Rome – December, 11-16; 2010 ‘Uomo introspettivo’ (Art Manege – Moscow – December, 5-10); 2010 ‘Dal colore alla Forma’ (Consorti Art Gallery, via Margutta – Rome – October, 28 – November, 4); 2010 Fine Art Nude, Group Exhibition (Pentart Gallery – Rome); 2010 Blipoint Educational Charity Contest ‘Smile for children’ , Group Exhibition (Niu Contemporary Art Space, Barcelona (Spain); 2010 Fine Art Nude ‘Triptic’ , Group Exhibition (Rinassence Open Gallery -Rome); 2010 Sacconi Rossi, Personal Exhibition inside (The summer festival Sestola – Castle of Sestola – Modena); 2010 Nor Harberd Smail, Personal Exhibition (The summer festival Sestola – Castle of Sestola – Modena); 2009 Sacconi Rossi, Personal Exhibition (Fotoleggendo Festival – I.S.A. – Rome); 2009 Una Foto Per…, Group Exhibition (Officine Fotografiche – Rome); 2008 Nor Harberd Smail, Personal Exhibition (Officine Fotografiche – Rome); 2008 Nor Harberd Smail, Personal Exhibition (Art Space – Mantova); 2008 Una Foto Per…, Group Exhibition (Officine Fotografiche – Rome); 2007 Rimini. The forgotten Earth, Personal Exhibition (Art Space – Rome); 2006 Testaccio, Group Exhibition, (Boutographie Festival – Montepellier (France)).




Буклет Паоло Мизерини 

Paolo Miserini Booklet