The Cold War Ghost (2015)

The project made on the old military base in Russia (2015)

Traces of Byzantium (2017)

The project was made in 2015-2017 in Caucasus, Abkhazia, Crymea.

These are places where in 4-9 century A.D were located Byzantine Settlements.

Sea side (2018)

The project was made in Gelendzhik. Was a part of exhibition in local museum  in 2019.

Solaris (2019)

The project was made in Central Russia (Riazan Region).

Was exhibited in 2019

Doma (2016)

The project was made in Central Russia (2016)

Lost Soul (2010)

The project was made in Italy in 2010 for the Uomo Introspettivo exhibition in Moscow and Krasnodar.



Nor-Kharberd Smiles (2007)

The project was made during two trips to Armenia in 2007 and is filming the children from Nor-Kharberd orphanage in Armenia. During exhibitions in Italy were raised money  for reconstruction  of the theater in the orphanage.

Rimini (2004)

Project was made in Rimini (Italy), Participated in different exhibitions

Sacconi Rossi (2003-2007)

The project was shoot during the religious procession which is taking part every year in November in Rome.

Project was made in 4 years.

Exhibited in many exhibitions.

Uomo Aeterno (2015)

The project was made in Central Russia, in different Orthodox monasteries of Russia

Caucasus Morpheus (2011)

Caucasus Morpheus is a big project about Circassian culture and people who are living in Russia. Photo and video.

More details about the project on the web-site