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State Compensation FundAmerican Home Assurance AIGZurichZenith YOU BETTER KEEP READING -Are you insured with any of these carriers? Chances are at least some of you reading this are insured with these carriers. They are all large, somewhat reputable, carriers but did you know NONE of these are usually the most competitive? At least one of them has superior service. Do you know which one that is? These are the carriers that have the most market share. That means 37% of businesses in California are insured with these carriers, over a third of California businesses.The top three most competitive carriers only insure a total of 3.7% of the market. Do you think you are insured with one of those? Chances are that you are not. Do you know who they are?Statistics are great because they support what we tell our clients all the time we can save you money 98% of the time. 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